State of the art medical and surgical treatment solutions for aesthetic and cosmetic problems


Ask our medical and surgical experts to live an acne free life.

State of the art treatment for acne include Lasers, medicaments and lifestyle changes


Tattoos &


Malasma,Nevus of Otta,vascualr lesions,heamangioma,freckles,unwanted tattoos can be easily removed by our medical experts by utilizing state of the technology



Meet our hair care experts to different types hair related problems.From Dandruff to Hair loss ,we offer world class solutions


Meet our surgical experts for both functional and aesthetic corrective nose surgery.From a nose causing breathing difficulty to unpleasant appearing nose,we correct all!

5.Face lift,

Botox &


Unwanted wrinkles and creases associated with an Ageing face can be corrected with simple injectibles to surgical corrections.Meet our experts for regaining an youthful appearance!

6.Dimple creation

Want to have a cheeky dimpled smile?

A simple 15 minute office procedure can make you have a coveted dimple brightening your lovely smile!


(Eyelid surgery)

Looking tired always? Bags under the eye? Crows feet(wrinkles around corner of the eyes) bothering you?

Simple eyelid surgical procedures can make you look and feel healthy again!

8.Lip fillers,

Cheek, Breast &

Butt augmentation

Dont like a thin lip?want a stronger cheek?not happy with size of your breast or butt?

We can help you!