Rhinoplasty in Bangalore


Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Reshaping Surgery or Nose job)at Bangalore premiere cosmetic surgery centre

Rhinoplasty is also known as a ‘Nose job’ or ‘Nose Reshaping’ surgery. A good nose is in right proportion and is in harmony with the face. Rhinoplasty is a usually both an esthetic surgery  and many times a functional corrective surgery which involves altering the shape of  the cartilages or the nasal bones in order to alter the shape of the nose.Aim of the surgery is to gain optimal nasal functions that is ease of bresthing,non collapsing nasal rims ,decreasing snoring etc.At the end of the surgery,the nose will appear cosmetically more pleasing.

Acheiving normalcy of the anatomical shape and positions of the structural framework and gaining norml function of the nose namely trouble free breathing are twin objectives of any given rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty can bring about size change, angle transformation, bridge straightening and tip reshaping of the nose. It can also correct certain breathing problems and mutilated or defaced nose as a consequence of birth defect or trauma. Overall, it can boost the features of the face and enhance one’s appearance. It is usually a day care procedure where the skilled surgeon makes incisions underneath the nostrils and across the columella.Many a times rhinoplasty is combined with jaw surgery(orthognathic surgery),chin augmentation and fillers.

Surgeon will have to take the wishes of the patient to finalise  the reshaping of a nose corrective rhinoplasty or a nosejob.Its always the desires of a given patient that drives the surgical plan and outcomes